It's more than staging, it's using nature's beneficial energies to bring success to the sale of your home or office building. Lissa makes recommendations for ways to maximize the beauty, efficiency and prosperity of the space. These subtle changes shift the energy in the environment to make it more inviting and irresistible to buyers.
Start with a beautiful beginning by cleansing the energy of your new space so that it is fresh and clear. Based on your needs and lifestyle, Lissa makes recommendations for layout and design, color, furniture placement, accessories and more. Your home or office will be balanced and aligned with the forces of nature to attract harmony and success.
-Make-overs for one room or the whole house, office or outdoor area
-Consultations for Major Remodels
-Energy clearing
-Home altars to attract positive influences on health, finances, relationships, and career
We'll help you choose:

-floor coverings
-furniture and placement
-plumbing fixtures
-light fixtures
-window treatments
-whatever you need!

Fee structure:

-initial 1 hour consultation
-hourly rate
-daily rate
-per project rate

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